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Eyriahrk Nunshkar is Amandine Fradejas's new solo project. Also known as A.M Ferrari Fradejas and Amandine Ferrari. Eyriahrk Nunshkar's new EP was released on February 22, 2024. 

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Amandine Fradejas (Amandine Marjolène Fradejas), also known as Amandine Ferrari and A.M Ferrari Fradejas, is a French musician, vocalist, music producer, and visual artist. Born into a family of musicians, Amandine started to work in studios, singing and doing backing vocals, in the late 80's. She currently works as a solo artist and a producer with her project Eyriahrk Nunshkar. She co-founded the bands Banished and Sól Bjarkan in 2008 with Frankie Chapman, previously collaborated with the UK band The Eden House between 2009 and 2011, with Santiago Fradejas for Layma Azur, Tribes Of Medusa, and also contributed as a guest vocalist for musicians and artists such as Sand Snowman , Phi Yaan-Zek , and Jeff Eacho. Amandine and Santiago also have a joint project, Fradejas & Fradejas. They are currently based in the UK.

A.M Ferrari Fradejas

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